5 Awesome inversion table exercises I recommend my students with back pain

inversion table

An Inversion table is highly effective in reducing back pain and stiff joints problem and if you perform proper exercises and stretches, you can achieve this result much sooner. Are you new to the whole Inversion table concept? Then first read reviews at Fitnessguyd before you get one and don’t worry, with the help of these exercises and stretches, you would feel rejuvenated and fit again and your back pain would be a problem of the past.

So, go ahead and try these exercises right now and see the results for yourself:

Decompressing exercise

A good warm up is important before every training session and this decompressing exercise will provide you with the much-need stretch before the start of every training day.

This is an effective use of an inversion table and helps you in stretching and relaxing more than it is possible by simply hanging upside down.

All you have to do is pull your arms towards your head (in the downward direction) and hold the legs of the table and pull yourself. This will help in decompressing your spine and will be more effective in relieving your back pain.

Improved circulation exercise

Another good stretch to improve your blood circulation, this will further add on value to your body as you release the tension by stretching your body.

Just assume the position similar to the previous exercise, pull your arms downward, in your head’s direction, and hold the table leg on one side so that your body is in a little twisted position.

Inverted crunches

Another great upper body workout is to perform inverted crunches on your inversion table. You need to start this slowly so as to not burn out, so start your exercise from an angle of 15-20 degrees and then slowly build it up.

It is a lot more difficult to perform inverted crunches than the ones you do by laying down on the floor and you would see the results of this intense workout after some time in your abdominal muscles.

table crunches

Back extensions

Another great exercise for core-strengthening is doing back extensions using an inversion table. You have to assume the similar position of arms crossed at the back of your head and abs facing outward, but you need to just arch your back a little when you are using the inversion table. This is a great exercise for all those aspiring athletes and will help in strengthening your muscles greatly.

Inverted squats

Another great exercise which when performed using an inversion table will provide you with the intense workout that you really needed. It will help you in strengthening your leg muscles and your glutes while working your hamstring too.

For this exercise, you just need to hang upside down from the inversion table while holding onto the A-frame legs to keep your body stable.

Now, you need to pull your legs toward yourself in the form of a squat and then hold it for a few seconds. Then release this position and repeat it for a few times.

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