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Roots & Impulse


Are you ready to resource REAL teaching confidence? 

In this breakthrough course, you’ll learn the Sanskrit that every Yoga teacher needs to know,

and create the clarity, confidence and success your life craves. 



All manifest reality, including sound and language, are manifestations of the Goddess, Shakti. Learning Sanskrit isn’t just about memorizing flash cards, but about actually attuning your awareness to align with Shakti, who is literally the power behind, and of, everything.


With Roots & Impulse you will:

  • Nourish the Roots of your Yogic wisdom by learning the real, correct Sanskrit pronunciation of over 154 āsana names.
  • Activate your personal creative power by attuning to the creative Impulse behind all life.


… Sound esoteric?

I promise, it’s far more simple than it might seem —

The Universe supports you in your mission here on the planet.

And if you’ve been led here to this page, then learning to speak the language of the Goddess Shakti and attuning yourself to the power of manifestation and miracles that she embodies, is a part of your dharma: Your life mission.

Attuning to the Yoga of Sacred Sounds through learning essential Sanskrit will assist and sustain you on your path.

– The Universe supports you in this– 

You CAN do it!


small water drop 

Why Shakti, Why Sanskrit, Why Sacred Sounds? 

Now, just for a moment, consider any Yogic master or saint that you know of or feel connected to…

Yogi Bhajan? Paramahansa Yogananda? Krishnamacharya? Ammachi? 


– What do they all have in common? –

They are all absolutely aware that:

Intimately knowing the primal power behind sacred sound 

is essential to mastering your life and reality.

And, one of the best ways that Yoga practitioners can develop this clarity is by learning the ancient language of Yoga–




Are you ready to speak the original language of manifestation?


What You Learn – Features:

  •  Over 154 Yoga -āsana names in their original Sanskrit. You will learn not just dictionary definitions, but actually how to use the words and connect them to themes and deeper insights that you can present to you students. ($100 value)
  • All the most commonly mispronounced āsana names and the (gasp!) “deadly words,” and once you’re aware of these, you’ll never, ever, mispronounce ‘em again. (Priceless!)
  • 4 Prana Flow® workshops (1 per week, 90 minutes each), where we actually chant the pose names (āsana-s) while deep in the flow. These are both downloadable and streamable. Learning pose names while in the poses themselves, is the embodiment practice that’s essential for your total psycho-somatic integration of the material. This is also the key element that no other Sanskrit program offers.        ($200 value)


  • 4 Sound Meditations (1 per  week).  ($50 value)


  • 1 Live Call – Group Mastermind Session. A group call where we check-in and answer questions on how you’re doing with the course, and streamline the integration of this material into your life and Yoga business. ($30 value)  


  • Access to our private facebook group. (Priceless)


  • How to chant the Sanskrit alphabet as sacred mantra practice. ($50 workshop value) 
  • All the elemental bījā (seed) syllables and their role within the body maṇḍala.  ($50 workshop value) 
  • Mantra Treasure Chest, filled with uncommon mantras from source Tantric texts, in audio and video, for the cultivation of creativity, abundance, wisdom and success. ($50 value) 

mantra treasure chest

This course is a $650+ value, for just

one payment of $329 or
two payments of $165 
(one now and one by 3/17) 

Manual Cover
How It All Works:
One module (movement practice, meditation, audio-vocab mp3 and fun sheets) is released each Tuesday:
March 3
March 10
March 17
March 24
You login to our private site and download or stream the weekly Prana Flow practice and meditation videos. This is also where you download the mp3 vocabulary sound files and supplemental fun-sheets to enhance your learning process.
Sound like a lot?
Never fear!  
You can do all of this at your own pace, so there is no ‘guilt-penalty’ for falling behind (you know, when you really want to be on the live call, but just can’t swing it.. No problem!). 
Plus, you’ll always be in the loop with our super-supportive facebook community of Embodied Sanskrit members cheering you on!
I’m also offering a  100% Money Back Guarantee,
so If you’re not completely satisfied with this course, I will refund your investment.
(Fine print: You must complete all practice modules, meditations, and fun-sheets current up to the point of requested refund (modules released prior to March 21). In other words, you have to actually do the course. Give it a shot. If you do decide at that point that you’re dissatisfied, I will return your money to you.
If you enroll for this session, the entire course, including the all future editions, will be available for you indefinitely.
This forever-access is not something I plan on offering repeatedly, and is special just for those who join our growing Embodied Sanskrit community right now.

Roots & Impulse is for you if you’re looking to understand embodiment through the integration of the wisdom (the roots) of Sanskrit and the sound current as the essence of all movement. 
This is not for you if you’re looking for a strictly academic Sanskrit course. 
We are not going to learn how to write Devanāgarī script, grammar, or the other language skills you need to translate texts. Those skills come with time and much additional study.
This course will not qualify you to teach Sanskrit in Yoga teacher trainings, nor will this certify you to teach the Embodied Sanskrit® method of learning the language.
However, this course is a fun and unique way to learn the basics of Sanskrit for Yoga, and will set you up nicely for any additional Sanskrit studies you wish to take on in the future.  



Words on the Street:

tompkinsclassic pic

I can’t recommend it more!

Ina’s wonderful course is invaluable to all students and teachers of yoga alike; showing how the vibrational healing power of the sacred Sanskrit language can become an embodied part of daily practice.

Roots & Impulse presents the most simple and effective method to learn the proper pronunciation of numerous time-honored poses that I have ever seen. 

Christopher Tompkins, Sanskrit scholar and yoga teacher.

meg stockdale sm headshot

“Ina Sahaja brings her radiant personality and exceptional knowledge of both Sanskrit and philosophy. All the students, including myself, not only learned so much, but enjoyed Ina’s unique delivery, making it so relatable to current times.”

~Meghan Stockdale, Owner & Director of Teacher Training at Soul Tree Studio, Lafayette, CO. 

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