I love art! Especially body art — the kind that reminds you in a whisper (or sometimes a shout) why you’re here on the planet.
For a long time I didn’t want to publicly offer this tattoo consulting service.
Guess I wanted to be seen as more ‘academic’.
However I eventually received so many requests (and realized that I totally get off on helping people craft their art!) that I decided to officially offer it here.

Obviously, if you want a Sanskrit tattoo, you want it to be correct. As in, you don’t want to go off to India at some point down the line to find that no one can read your ink.
Or — even worse — you get something along the lines off, “Why do you have menstrual cramp written on your arm?” — oops!

Consultations are $54 for the first 30 minutes and $108/hour.

Usually this involves a few detailed email exchanges and/or skype conversations.
If you are deciding between a few ideas, I can confirm or correct the information you’ve already received (this is often the case with sūtras or prayers). I also will suggest grammatical adjustments so that a word or phrase clearly articulates your personal intention (generally the case of a single-word tatt — not classical prayers or texts).

If you’re clear about what you want, most consultations take between 30-60 minutes.

1 You tell me your ideas and intention.
2 I research and report back to you, explaining in layman’s terms any awesome or necessary grammatical deviations from what you’ve already found via google or wikipedia.
3 I’ll provide you with versions of your chosen ink in English translation, English transliteration and classical Devanāgarī (Sanskrit) script.

Please email me to get the ball rolling –
((I try my very best to write back within 48 hours.))

…Don’t be shy.
We’ve got to talk to make it happen.
So, tell me your vision..