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How to get yourself on our blog

I believe you have already gone through our website and know what exactly the site is about. But just to brief you, this website is about connecting to your body through yoga and utilizing its many benefits with all your passion. Our blog is full of informative articles on various ways to do yoga and be fit and free of physical and mental pain and here is your chance to add it.

Our blog always welcomes guest posts, but we have certain guidelines we would want you or anyone who wants to submit guest posts to follow.

Guidelines to follow

  1. You as the author of your post are responsible for it. We do not accept plagiarism, or articles that have previously been published. So when you write for us, you do not copy someone else’s work or your own work.  We will know when you copy someone’s work, will not publish it, which will only be a waste of your hard work and ours, too.
  2. Attributions – You need to mention who you are quoting, at all times.
  3. We have a word limit of 1500 words, but if we find that your article is crossing the word count we will try to edit it and bring it down to 1500. But, in case your article’s information is important and removing it will make your article incomplete, we will let go of the word limit.
  4. Do not try to promote any company or person, or writer reviews through the post, we won’t publish it and that will be a waste of your hard work. Make sure your post does not spark an unnecessary debate amongst individuals on the ground of caste or religion.
  5. Add images, because it breaks the monotony of your post as well as decreases our work to look for pictures according to your posts. While you add pictures in your document, do send them separately too, so that we can add them while publishing your post.
  6. Posts shouldn’t be generic because they can be found anywhere on the internet. They should talk about something specific. This is because we want our readers to read something different and not something they can easily find anywhere and everywhere else. For example, if you submit a post about the importance of yoga, our team will reject it, but if it is about a certain yoga exercise and the various benefits it ha,s its correct posture, the team will approve it.
  7. Your posts should not be disguised promotion or review of a company, brand, or product. We do the promotions ourselves, so we don’t want you to that.

Follow these guidelines, and we would love to see your post bright and shining on our blog. You can send in the posts along with the images on our email

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