Love Notes

I am reflecting on my week in Boulder and I must tell you that your class left a lasting impression. You are a beautiful woman with a kind heart. You radiate compassion and loved your class. I adore the language you use as you teach, and your fluidity with cueing and sequencing. I tried to remember some of your awesome sequence, but I could remember nothing but your warm smile and your welcoming nature. You are a treasure and I am so glad we met!

~Pasha M. Yoga Teacher. Moutonboro, New Hampshire.

“Ina’s teaching is fun, full of energy, spiritually interesting, and physically challenging. She has a high degree of skill and knowledge, and an ability to read her students’ requirements and teach accordingly, with real enthusiasm. I can only hope that we (on Koh Tao) may have the opportunity to learn with her again in the future. For those people lucky enough to work with her, you are in for a real treat, so make the most of this very special chance.”

~Peter T. Scuba Instructor. Koh Tao, Thailand.

“Ina, Thank you for the session yesterday! Your training has helped my alignment (physical, mental, spiritual)–to the extent that I can be helped!”

~John M. Attorney. Boulder, Colorado.
“Ina, it’s clear from your class yesterday that you are thoroughly studied in diverse yoga traditions and devoted to your own self-practice, as well as teaching. I especially appreciated how you presented alignment with language and adjustments that informed but refused to nit-pick. You balanced clear articulation with the artful creation of safe space, allowing the personal process and experiences of your students to freely unfold. I wish I were in town longer so I could come to more of your classes! Thank you so much!”
~Alice W. Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher. San Diego, California.

“Ina Sahaja brought her radiant personality and exceptional knowledge of both Sanskrit and the Yoga Sutras to our teacher training program.  All the students, including myself, not only learned so much, but enjoyed Ina’s unique delivery, making it so relatable to current times.”

~ Meghan S., yoga teacher and owner of Soul Tree Studio. Lafayette, Colorado.