I absolutely love sharing Embodied Sanskrit workshops within the sacred Teacher Training environment.

And, the truth is, Embodied Sanskrit® is already designed for it!

Embodied Sanskrit naturally merges learning fundamental Sanskrit with movement and the essential Yoga philosophy that teachers-in-training need to know.

One reason I especially love to share my passion in Teacher Trainings is because I get to collaborate with you, the lead teacher, program director, or studio owner, to ensure that what I present fully supports and enhances your unique training and mission.

This has proven to be an incredibly fun and effective creative process!

In general, an Embodied Sanskrit module consists of one-to-four, two-hour workshops spread over the course of a weekend or immersion, and can shift to incorporate more specialized content to specifically support your training. Of course, every event is different in content and approach, and my two main goals in guest teaching during trainings are:

1. To teach students the basic Sanskrit they need to know as Yoga teachers, including correct āsana name pronunciation. They will also get my essential follow-up support tools for home-study.

2. To support your teaching curriculum and enhance your program’s unique offering.

To get your creative juices flowing with ideas on how we can best work together, here’s a example list of topics and workshop titles that I have offered over the last few years with Embodied Sanskrit modules:

  • Yoga Sūtra-s (intro talk and discussion)
  • Chanting the Yoga Sūtra-s (movement-based)
  • Bhagavad Gītā (intro talk and discussion)
  • Bhagavad Gītā – “Dharma- Taking the Reigns of Your Life” (movement-based)
  • Intro to Yoga Philosophy
  • Intro to Tantra
  • “Spiritual Syncretism and the Myth of “One” Yoga Tradition”
  • “Three Main Yoga Philosophies and How They’re Shockingly Different!”
  • “Rāsa-fy Your Offering: Three Super-Effective Sequencing Philosophies”
  • Chakras and Subtle Bodies
  • Intro to Mantra
  • Intro to Prāṇāyāma
  • Intro to Meditation

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