bio (the short version):

I am a student and teacher of Shiva Rea’s system of Prana Flow yoga. I teach with an emphasis on utilizing yoga for realizing personal life purpose, inspiring advocacy that really makes a difference, and fully embodying our natural capacity for radical presence. I’ve been practicing yoga since 1999, teaching since 2003, and am a registered E-RYT 500 with the Yoga Alliance. I also hold university degrees in Sanskrit and South Asian Religions, and am the founder of Embodied Sanskrit, a powerful, body-based method for tapping into the essence of sacred sounds (mantra) for dynamic healing and empowerment. My offerings bring creative movement, play, and wildly poignant insight to the mat– for dynamic sessions that engage the holistic mind-body-Soul experience.
who i am:
I am a perpetual seeker and sharer who, like so many of us alive today, intensely hears the calling to contribute to the expansion of consciousness occurring on the planet right now. Now, I realize that might sound hokey-pokey, and you’re right, it is — and isn’t.
We’re currently now living in a time of Divine guidance, both individual and collective in nature. This active hand is leading us away from the egocentric, lower energies of competition and consumerism, and directly into the lighter, peaceful, healing vibrations of collaboration, harmony, and spirit. The Kundalini tradition recognizes this as a golden age of-sorts, called the Aquarian Age. Personally, I’m ready for it– and I think the world is too!
Some people recognize this ‘golden age’ as a personal shift in consciousness– perhaps through emerging passions for environmental activism, social justice, or through a calling to learn Yoga or practice meditation.
Of course, each experience is as unique as the individual to whom it belongs. If you’ve read any self-help or spirituality book written in the last century, you already know that the contribution of all of our different gifts is essential for this global (r)evolution.
In other words — YOU are essential.
My Yoga and Embodied Sanskrit® sessions are designed to inspire your personal expression of truth through deep inner listening and reflection. This authentic self-inquiry naturally draws out your unique Soul-potential — your talents, creativity and power – and the self-sourced support necessary to fully contribute your unique gifts to the world during this pivotal time of global change.
Passionate Gratitude is my guiding light because the more we open to feeling and expressing our gratitude, more ways and means appear for us to be immensely grateful. In other words, the universe conspires in abundance when we let it. I see it as my personal choice to reject the notions of scarcity prevalent today, and instead embrace a universe of abundance, support and love — and I encourage you to consciously make your own worldview-decisions too.
I am passionately grateful for all of my teachers, and loads of experiences that have serendipitously placed me in the here and now. (Although I’ll freely admit that not all of these experiences seemed all that pleasant at the time!)
I am Passionately Grateful for:
… my father and first teacher, a student of J. Krishnamurti — who sowed the seeds of perpetual inquiry deep in my heart – his untimely passing when I was thirteen-years-old, and all the subsequent lessons in self-sufficiency, forgiveness and eternal, unbounded love.
… all the teachers of Yoga Yoga in Austin, Texas, who took me in and schooled me well.
… teachers Daniel Odier, Shiva Rea, Sreedevi Bringi, Chaitanya Kabir, Christopher Tompkins, Hareesh Wallis, Kester Lunney, Tracey Cook, Aditi Devi, Leesalyn Koehler, Mehtab and Guru Karam… and so many more. Deep and forever bows of gratitude.
… the many countless hours, days, seasons and years I have been able and guided to study Sanskrit,  Sacred Sound, Moving Meditation (Yoga-āsana), traditional, historical religions and first-hand expressions of Spirit.
… And, I am grateful for You…
That you are here, now, taking courageous strides along your path.
I’m passionately grateful for your willingness to reveal your
own unique offering through exploring the practices of Movement, Meditation, Sanskrit and Sacred Sound.
What are you passionately grateful for?

Oṃ Śānti Śānti Śāntiḥ

ॐ शान्ति शान्ति शान्ति:

Peace Peace Peace, Everywhere, Peace