My tips to buy the perfect yoga mats

You might think that buying a Yoga mat for yourself is a piece of cake but you are absolutely mistaken. The best yoga mats would ensure that you have a good session and would be both comfortable and convenient for you.

You must always keep in mind that your yoga practice depends a lot on your yoga mat and if you get a bad mat for yourself, you would be actually causing more harm than good to your body.

Here are a few things which you should keep in mind the next time you go on a Yoga Mat hunt:

Stay away from slippery mats

There are many mats with a smooth surface and you would like the touch and feel of those mats but we would advise you to stay away from such mats because you would end up slipping on them whenever you try a yoga pose and would end up hurting yourself. You need to go for a mat with texture so that it provides you with a strong grip and won’t let you slip during your yoga practice.

non slip

Go for chemical-free mats

You need to keep in mind that you would spend at least 1 hour every day on your Yoga mat so, it is important to choose one which is PVC-free and would protect you from inhaling toxins and chemicals when you are practicing yoga.

Make sure that you always go for PVC-free yoga mats which are made out of rubber and will provide you with a safe surface area to practice upon.

It should be lightweight

Another important thing to keep in mind while buying a Yoga mat for yourself is to keep it light and not too heavy as you would be carrying it in and out and would need to transfer it to many places.

You don’t want a thick mat which would be difficult to carry around so don’t get tempted with a good padding, you need to keep it light too.

padding provided

Only use good quality mats

This is another factor which you cannot compromise upon. You need to choose a mat which is not too thin or harmful to the environment and would last for a long time.

You don’t want it to get ruined after a few uses itself. It might look like a tempting offer to buy a cheap mat but think about it in the long run, a cheap mat could seriously harm you when you are practicing yoga. So, always choose quality over price.

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